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Are you thinking about starting a Subway franchise? Uncategorized 

Are you thinking about starting a Subway franchise?

In the fast food business, there are a lot of opportunities out there. Just about any food business you can think of now days has a franchise associated with it. What that means is that for a certain amount of money, you can buy into that business and have the rights to operate that business. Different businesses have different franchise costs associated with it,but if you’re interested in owning a franchise then Subway Sandwiches may be the one for you as it’s start up coosts may be more affordable than most of the others..

There’s just about nothing that can touch a good sandwich an Subway has some of the best. Afterall, who can resist the smell of fresh bread drifting out the door, Not to mention the appeal of fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables and other sundry condiments lined up right where everyone can see. There’s a certain charm about watching your lunch prepared right before your eyes. Obviously, these selling points have been successful, as owning a Subway franchise is becoming more and more popular. In fact, Subway is listed as one of the top 10 franchises available in the market today.

As with every franchise all include start up costs. Opening a restaurant is not for the faint of heart. Capital is required in every case. For a Subway restaurant, you can expect to pay $15,000 in franchise fees. This gives you the right to own and operate your own location. It also gives you the right to use the branding and resources offered by the corporation which has become quite signifigant over the years. On top of that, you can expect to incur start up costs for location, training and initial inventory and supplies. The company estimates that this averages at about $95,000 for the first three months. Of course, the larger the location the more expensive these costs will become, so keep that in mind when determining where to place your restaurant.

Despite these considerations, in the franchise business, being involved with Subway is considered to be one of the best opportunities for new or inexperienced entrepreneurs. A subway franchise has lower start up costs than any other comparable company and also offers more support and hand holding throughout the entire process. In fact, Subway provides franchise information and even seminars for interested parties free of charge. You can actually see a break down of what to expect and get hands on experience before taking the plunge. This goes well above and beyond what most other restaurant franchises offer, making it perfect for those wishing to break into the business (1)

With so much focus on health and well being, owning a Subway franchise is just smart business. The company focuses on fresh and wholesome ingredients. The product is seen regularly on television and is endorsed by famous athletes and featured on the popular television show the Biggest Loser. There is even a guy who has made a fortune by his testimonials of losing a lot of weight simply by incorporating Subway sandwiches into his diet.So.with a modest investment, you can take advantage of this marketing and become a successful franchise owner. The fact that you will join one of the top 10 franchises is just icing on the cake.



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